Collection: AI SEX DOLL

Sex Robot Main Frature

Emma the High intelligent sex robot was self-developed by YouQDOLL Based on the Internet network and Android operating system, Emma is a sophisticated and stable A.I. product of high simulation and multi functions, as well as China’s first high intelligent and high simulation sex robot.


  • Computer hardware development and mechanical&electrical integration design
  • Application software development based on operation system
  • Embedded software development
  • High polymer materialresearch on high simulation skin
  • Aesthetic and Art

Real Artificial Intelligent

The AI system is builed inside her brain, Work independently, without smartphone.

  • Can talking with people in English & Chinese.
  • Can do translate.
  • Can do weather forcast.
  • Can do the math.
  • Can tell jokes.
  • Can tell stories.

Robotic Head

  • Animated eyes that can move and blink
  • Head that tilts and rotates
  • Mouth and lip sync while speaking

It will have an perfect external smooth silicone face, the internal components included severa types of robotic servos, circuit boards are inside her head.

High Sensitive Body

Multiple build-in touch sensors, react to your action. Safety internal heating system, get the temperature like real human.

Upgrading System

Automatic remote upgarding system enables her to have the most stable system and the latest functions and new features.
So that Emma can be more and more smart.

The Futur

Our goal is to produce the robot that can be a true companion to everyone. From the appearance, it's same like real human. But inside, she is the omnipotent robot.