Platinum Silicone Doll

The product you are watching now is made of silicone head + silicone body, and a doll made of silicone body.

Lighter weight

In order to meet customer needs, we have professionally reduced the weight of silicone dolls. The weight of silicone dolls in this store is lower than that of TPE dolls of the same height.

Realistic Chest

Our silicone doll's chest is unified as: liquid silicone material (silicone gel)

*The material of the doll's chest on the market is:

  • Solid chest (heavy, hard to feel),
  • Jelly chest (in the production process, there is a step: the proportion of oil, when the proportion of oil is too high, the chest will be softer, but in the process of use, the doll's oil output is very large, touch It's sticky and has a heavy peculiar smell)
  • Liquid silicone breast (liquid silicone breast is a two-component liquid silicone rubber specially used to produce female silicone breast pads. It feels softer than jelly breasts, and the experience is very real, without peculiar smell, and no oil)

Doll’s hair

There are two hair styles for dolls made of silicone material. Hair transplantation (we use professional technology to implant the hair into the skin of the doll’s head, just like a real person, the doll’s hair grows out of the skin) ) And wig sets (put the wig on the head of the doll like a headgear, you can change the style of the wig at will), you can choose according to your needs.

Customized function

Whole body constant temperature heating function, pronunciation function (Chinese and English can be switched freely), standing function, lower body pubic hair implantation

High quality characteristics

  • The doll you buy in this store contains a yoga skeleton in your body, which can meet your needs for more postures and has a longer service life. There is no need to worry about the inferior phenomenon of the doll's skeleton breaking during use.
  • The doll's chest is very soft, very real, and made of liquid silicone.
  • The whole body of the doll will have blood vessels and freckles, which is closer to the real human skin condition. We guarantee that: long-term use and storage will not affect the real feeling of blood vessels and freckles.
  • The doll’s vagina is three-dimensional, 100% restore the real female vagina structure, the color of the vagina is two-color, the outside is dark red, the inside of the vagina is pink and tender.
  • The doll’s makeup can be sprayed by hand. According to your requirements, superimpose makeup for 2-6 times. We can also customize the makeup for the doll according to your requirements until you are satisfied. The eyes of the doll are bloodshot.
  • The skin color of the silicone dolls on the market is very single, there is only one color, but we have developed professional technology to upgrade the skin color of the silicone doll to three colors. To better meet your needs for the skin color of silicone dolls.

You can contact customer service to view all the details about the silicone doll, we will provide you with the best service, please rest assured to buy.